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Yes! If you select a lead account, all the family members will get a discount.

Not all car wash services perform in the same manner. The training they provide to their staff, the equipment they use, the detergents they use, it all matters for the level of quality they provide to customers. We ensure that our quality remains consistent in everything.

The showroom‐like shine comes from our secret ingredients and cleaning techniques. We use the best clothes to scrub the dirt off the vehicles, and our special wax pressed under pressure gives that alluring look to your cars.

You can wash your cars once a week or fortnight for an all‐time perfect shiny look.

Yes! Some automatic car wash services use acids that deteriorate alloys, but we only offer soft cloth car washing, so there is nothing to worry about

Yes! We do offer this service.

We have 24 hours surveillance cameras to look after your property. Rest assured, your vehicle is in safe hands.

We are open from Monday to Sunday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

We are able to wash any kind of vehicle, so you are more than welcome to avail our exclusive car wash services.

Yes, we do offer interior vacuuming including the dashboard, windows, and much more. For further details, you can visit our location.

No worries, if you face this situation, immediately call our 24/7 customer support service number, so, we take immediate action and look for your lost item.

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