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Mobile Detailing – The New Trend in Auto Detailing Industry

Whether you’re new to the world of detailing or have been in the industry for years, it’s critical to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on. Mobile auto detailing is such a trend that is gaining popularity. Read more here.

When considering auto detailing industry trends, knowing more about consumers is important because it can help you determine the modern-day demand.

You can better solve your customers’ pain points if you know what they want and how their preferences change.

Mobile detailing is becoming more commercialized

Today’s consumers prefer convenience. They are willing to pay for the value-added services if they come closer to them.

One thing that I believe is worth noting is that it is becoming increasingly difficult for small business owners to attract younger consumers without the use of technology given how many larger companies (with on-demand mobile app-based businesses) have recently exploded on the scene.

If you own a small auto detailing services business, it presents both a challenge and an opportunity. And mobile auto detailing seems to answer.

Anyone can use an app to book a car wash or detailing service and have someone at their house or work within a couple of hours.

One has the option to choose to have regular detailing services performed for their vehicles at the desired time.

It is indeed a great way for consumers to maintain their cars amidst their busy schedules.

What does the industry state say?

The statistics show that so many people prefer to keep their cars perfect from every angle. However, studies suggest that an average car on the road is being driven more than 20% longer than back in the day.

Unfortunately, small accidents and devaluing are meant to happen.

Therefore, mobile detailing becomes an area of ease for consumers here.

Car washing and detailing will continue to evolve for the sake of convenience

People want innovation in the detailing services. And since the last few years, apps and online scheduling has changed the norm for the most successful auto detailing services.

According to the International Carwash Association, consumers increasingly prefer to get their cars washed professionally versus doing it at home.

Thus, this business is not going to stop anytime soon. Humbly I say, it will only grow exponentially but just like other industries, car wash services providers near you would have to adopt new practices.

People will pay more for sustainable auto detailing solutions

When consumers go to service stations to get their car cleaned from dust spots or for any other service, the sustainability point will help make the informed consumers.

Truth be told, consumers are willing to pay considerably more for eco-friendly services.

Technology Brings Ease 

On-demand mobile detailing apps for consumers are becoming popular each day solely for the fact that they offer ease to get car detailing services anytime.

One-on-one relationships and quality of work still matters! 

While the industry is changing, building trustable relationships between the consumer and the car wash services is also important.

Something that many larger companies I feel are struggling to do in auto detailing.

You can book a technician in 10 minutes. Sure, but professional detailers with advanced skills are hard to come by it. The good news is that auto detailing continues to grow at a rate of 3-4 percent per year. So, if this business needs to excel, going with innovation as mobile detailing will be inevitable in the future.

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