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Why Should You Fix a Chipped Windshield as Soon as Possible?

A chipped windshield can happen due to many reasons like road debris, storms, stones, etc. You may think it only makes your vehicle look tacky, but it is so much more than that. A damaged windshield can be dangerous for yourself and your fellow passengers. That’s why car detailing at the right time is so important!

It’s a good thing that many auto repair services shops can take care of damaged or chipped windshields efficiently, and we also need to stop putting repairs off and actually GO to them when needed.

How Can Driving with a Damaged Windshield be Dangerous?

Here are some ways that a chipped windshield can compromise the safety of your car and yourself. And also to know that you must contact car detailing services near you at the instance.

Obstructing Your View

It goes without saying that if there is a chip or crack directly in your line of sight, you will have a hard time driving because your view will be obstructed.

That is extremely dangerous as it increases your chances of getting into an accident. In addition, a cracked or chipped windshield can be very distracting because it can cause refractive glares while also obstructing your view. These glares can be sudden and blind you momentarily, which is bad for yourself and your fellow occupants.

It is best to go to an auto repair services shop and get rid of these chips. Plus, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes tops, so you won’t have to wait long.

Structural Integrity

We don’t realize this, but one of the most important jobs of a windshield is to provide structural integrity to your car.

And in case of damage, it won’t give your vehicle the support it needs. For instance, if you get caught in a crash or a rollover, the chipped windshield will not support the roof of your car.

Since it was already damaged, it will cause the roof to cave in and collapse right onto the occupants, leading to an increased number and severity of injuries.

That is why the windshield needs to be in top shape; to avoid such things from happening. Moreover, keep them clean at all costs via professional car wash services.


The airbags in a car rely on the windshield to act as a support and help in their proper deployment; so they can inflate towards you or your fellow passengers.

But if the windshield in the car is already damaged, the airbag will fail to deploy in most cases. It’s risky if that happens in an accident because your body won’t be cushioned or protected.

Shattered Glass

Laminated glass is most commonly used for windshields, which is why they can still hold themselves together in case they break or shatter.

This way, the broken shards do not harm you or your fellow occupants in any way. However, if the vehicle already has a chipped windshield, then the glass can shatter and cause various injuries to the occupants of the vehicle, sometimes even being fatal.

So get that chip fixed by an auto repair service provider in your location outlet as soon as possible to avoid such dangerous outcomes.


A windshield is put in place to protect you and your fellow passengers, especially in case of accidents. But it can also do more damage than we are ready to handle.

A violent crash or accident, for example, can have enough force to send a person flying right through the windshield, especially if they don’t wear a seatbelt.

Also, if the car had a previously chipped windshield before the accident, then it will not be able to protect the occupants.

That is why we shouldn’t overlook a damaged windshield in the slightest but fix it as soon as possible to avoid any bad outcomes.

Windshield Damage and Its Types

Although it may seem like it, repairing a windshield is not easy. Some types of damage can’t be fixed and require a replacement, while some only take a few minutes at an auto repair services shop. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Minor Chips

One can only determine the reparability of a chip by its size, severity, and location. If it is only on the outer layer of the windshield glass or 40 mm or less in diameter, it is easily repairable by car detailing services.

But if it is more than two chips or has a bigger size, then the only option for that is a windshield replacement.

Chips are also easily repairable, but if left unattended for an extended time, they can deteriorate to the point where they can no longer be fixed. Then the only alternative is to replace the damaged windshield instead of repairing it.

Irreparable Chips

As mentioned above, chips that exceed 40mm in diameter require a windshield replacement. A windshield repairing job will also be insufficient if,

  • The chip damage penetrates both layers of glass
  • There are multiple chips
  • Or the damage is in the driver’s line of sight

In such scenarios, a windshield replacement is the only option we have, especially for the sake of our vehicle and safety.


Getting cracks in the windshield is pretty dangerous, and repairing them can be very risky if they end or begin at the edge of the windshield.

That is because it can compromise the integrity of the glass, especially with the damaged polyvinyl butyral layer.

Cracks of any size might damage your windshield’s structural integrity, so it’s better to replace it rather than patch it.


Restoring a chipped windshield requires professional help because DIYs or trying out hacks can cause more harm than good. Plus, an expert can assess the damage properly and inform you whether a repair or replacement is required.

If you are looking for someone like that, we at Auto Spa in Las Vegas are the ones for you. We offer several auto repair services, including car washes, detailing, smog checks, and yes, damaged or chipped windshield repairs.

Our team is equipped with industry-grade equipment and observes the proper safety standards to provide you with the best results.

Check out the website, download our app, and book your appointment today!

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