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Country Club Guide to What’s New in the Car Wash Industry

Car wash services are not like other regular services, but they also update according to the changing technology requirements. It is certainly not necessary to follow all of them, but professional car wash services in Las Vegas as Country Club Auto Spa do not delay in such matters.

Truth be told, be it car detailing or car cleaning, most people consider them experts for these services. But we also know that you cannot compare the work of a professional and an immature. The hassle is not worth your time.

If you are a car wash station or work in one, read this article to know what is going on in the car wash services! Are they changing? Is there any new technology that has been introduced?

This article can give you all the answers. Read more here.

Ceramic Treatments

Ceramic treatment service offers a car wash chemical that is been quite popular recently. It is a revolutionary treatment that many owners like, and car wash services in Las Vegas are up to using it more often.

The coating prevents the need for a car wash now and then. Moreover, it protects from chemical stains, harmful UV rays, and water spots.

Thus, if you do not like going to car wash stations frequently or if your customer keeps their vehicle dear to them, this treatment is for you.


Automation is changing the way we work across every industry. And, car wash and detailing industry is no exception.

Car wash services can be slow at times, and automation makes the process faster.

So if you wish to get your car washed in lesser time, you can go to a service station, providing such service. For instance, full-service drive-through car wash services facilitate such an option.

No manual help is required to clean the exterior of your vehicle. The machine or the robot does it automatically.

Technology is indeed playing a key role in car wash services. Consumers can now use online platforms to book appointments and pay upfront. Moreover, they can avail many interesting car washes and detailing discounts and offers.

Membership Programs  

Not a technology related to car wash services, but more like a convenience that is helping car wash services to be a thing!

Now, car owners who are willing to take membership options, ranging from a basic wash to the full menu of detailing services, are getting their vehicles cleaned.

Thus, membership programs are playing a crucial role in increasing the growing trend of car wash and detailing from professionals.

Sonar Profiling 

This technology is new, and you won’t be seeing much of its use in the car wash stations. But, who knows, it might be a big thing in the future, and everybody might be using it.

This technology allows detecting residue in vehicles and by adjusting the position of brushes, get them all cleaned without any issue.

Customer Tracking 

Customer tracking is not just used in car washing but also enhances the customer’s experience.

Let us explain this a bit. Often when you go to car wash services, say in Las Vegas, you would be required to move your car a little to align with the car wash gear.

With customer tracking, it becomes easy to direct your vehicle as the driver does not have to do anything most of the time. Please don’t consider this as a trending thing but it is just a technology that is making waves in simple car washing techniques.

What Is the Impact of All These Trends?

Industry Growth

More and more people are turning towards professional car wash services. Experts say that the compound annual growth rate in car wash services will increase more and for all the good reasons.

In general, more people are choosing professional washes over at-home car washes.

Increased Affordability 

Most car wash services, Las Vegas, are providing reasonable rates because of increased consumption.

Gas prices have been quite generous in this regard. When the gas prices are low, more people travel, and their cars get dirty faster.

So, where owners spend money to fill up their gas tanks, they also go for car washes.

These factors have helped car wash services multiply their business and growth.


We may be seeing many other trends in the automobile industry, and with that, we may be seeing many new things for car wash services. Car wash experts, who want to stay competitive and earn a profit, must follow the above-mentioned trends to succeed and offer quality car washing services.

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