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Common Car Cleaning Mistakes that Most People Are Unaware of!

When car owners don’t go to car wash service centers, they do the deed at home. Little did they know, they might be doing so many mistakes unconsciously while they are up for self-service auto spa cleaning!

Country Club Auto Spa in Las Vegas has been serving in this category for quite some time now and knows what mistakes people make during their car wash service spree.

We will discuss the top mistakes that most owners do. However, these are not very crucial, but if these occur, again and again, they can take a toll on your car value.

  • Cleaning Your Car in Direct Sunlight
  • Using Kitchen Soap Or Degreaser
  • Not Using Lubrication
  • Using Paper Towel Or Old T-Shirts
  • Using Wrong Cleaning Technique
  • Using Only One Bucket
  • Using Dirty Towels
  • Spraying Steering Wheel, Gas, And Brake Pedals
  • Applying Too Much Wax
  • Not Cleaning Your Tires
  • Washing Your Car In The Grass
  • Neglecting Your Car Seats
  • Not Cleaning Your Windshield And Windows Properly

Now, let’s go to the explanation.

How Professionals Do It?

If you are not careful with the car wash, you will be causing your car paint to faint. When we offer car wash services to our clients near S Eastern Ave, we always use a soft brush and a soft cloth for washing vehicles of all kinds.

The main problem with a self-service auto spa car wash is that people don’t use the right bristles and clothes. The dirt and mud often stay stuck on wheels. Being aggressive is not the answer here.

Even the powerful jets of water do not your paint remove dirt from the surface. To be honest, the quality of car washing services depends highly on the water quantity and its pressure.

Cheap detergents are another reason why your car corrodes and does not stay shiny for a long time. You can even scratch your car’s surface by rubbing rigorously.

Some people even use vacuum cleaners for their car wash auto spa. It’s funny but true.

Cleaning Your Car In Direct Sunlight

Another mistake that people make during car cleaning is when they do the deed in the direct sunlight.

People think that this is the opportunity when you can see all the dust around the surface of the car. However, you might be making the mistake. When they put water on the surface of the car, the car is already hot, and with the sudden liquid, your car might dry out instantly than anticipated and leave marks.

The professional car cleaning services clean their car in such a way to avoid this inconvenience.

Using Kitchen Soap Or Detergent

Using kitchen soap during car wash is the biggest mistake. These products are not good for your car in any way. If we can say, these products are dangerous for paint and damage the protective coating of your vehicle. Country Club Auto Spa in Las Vegas suggests you do not use this type of detergent.

Not Using Lubrication

This mistake is very common without a doubt. People must use lubrication when they are cleaning their cars. You can even use the liquid spray while car cleaning.

For instance, if you have a bird drop on the surface of your car, never remove them with the help of a towel, you should use liquid spray.

Using Paper Towel Or Old T-Shirts

You don’t want to use a paper towel on your car because the paper towel is rough and can damage your paint. Moreover, some T-shirts have ink as a print. However, the only thing that should touch your paint is a nice and soft microfiber towel and nothing else.

Using Wrong Cleaning Technique 

The next mistake is not cleaning your car from top to bottom, which is the right technique. However, most people go from the bottom to the top.

The right approach that expert car wash cleaning service providers use is that they start cleaning with rims.

However, never use the same cloth for rims and surface paint. Rims are mostly dirtier, and using the same cloth can leave you with spots.

A very popular technique is the swirl motion. You would even see this technique happening in the movies. But, ask the expert, car wash, and detailing services, and they would advise you to go with some other motion.

By moving in circles, you might just be leaving invisible marks on the surface.

On the contrary, you should be picking one direction and moving on the same plane. It would save you from seeing scratches in different directions.

When you’re cleaning your car, go in one direction. Pick a direction and go from front to back and from the front to the rear of the car.

Using Only One Bucket

This mistake is not related directly to the car wash services, but when people do it again and again, They might be lazy or they think that it is convenient to have two buckets. One bucket for the soapy water and one for the clean water to soak the dirty towels. But, trust us, you only need one.

Spraying Steering Wheel, Gas, And Brake Pedals with Harsh Chemicals 

Some people have fancy interiors. Their car’s brakes, pedals, and steering wheels might be laced with some fancy cloth-like leather. Spraying chemicals without any research can damage the fabric.

However, we also know that they need cleaning extensively. Your kids might have spilled their drinks on the seat or your greasy print might be there. To clean them, you don’t have to wet them with harsh chemicals though. Most people do that, but professional car wash services don’t!

Not Properly Cleaning Your Tires

Tires run through the dirtiest of roads and go through rough patches. Obviously, they must need cleaning the most. However, what we have observed while talking to our clients at Country Club Auto Spa in Las Vegas, is people are most focused on the rims and think that splashing water on tires is enough!

But, no! You need to look into each tire to check not only their cleanliness but also their appropriate shape. Car detailing services near you are able to do that more efficiently.


All in all, car washing seems simple but you go into details and you realize it is not that easy. But, why go through the hassle when you can get it from expert car wash cleaning services in your town. They usually got the best packages.

Just like Country Club near S Eastern Ave, where you can leave your car without even a doubt that they are doing it wrong

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